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Passionate about growing initiatives

I'm Annegien Langedijk-Wilms. I have spent more than a decade in behavioral design, go-to-market strategy and execution to design as well as scaling up initiatives in finance (mobile money, health insurance, savings), tech and health (mother and child health, NCDs, lifestyle, quit smoking, mental health and harmful practices, such as FGM). My main focus has been on populations that struggle financially on a daily basis. After learning to fully understand how people think and behave, my behavioral design approach gives people the confidence to take up life changing products and services. This has yielded some interesting results:


I am a true practitioner. I have increased insurance uptake and savings rates in four African countries. I helped consumers overcome unfamiliarity with new tech products, such as mobile savings accounts and AI-based health chatbots. I have also built supportive social norms for pregnant women in hard-to-reach areas in order to seek quality maternal care using custom-made Nollywood films. 

I am a strategist with a passion for science and experimentation. I collaborate with the best to find the most effective developments and insights in the market; furthermore, I test it to know if it really makes a difference. 

consult and build teams. I adapt quickly to each unique case and my ideas are practical and pragmatic. I have consulted to many governments and private sector companies on Behavioral Design and Go-to-Market strategies to get their new and existing initiatives launched and up-scaled.  

I’m ready to grow your initiative. Under Growing Initiatives, I collaborate with other experts (analysts, graphic designers, UX, gender norms specialists, media consultants) depending on the necessary areas to grow your initiative. 

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